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Ceiling Fan Factory produces Fan in according with the international standardization
The right of the purchased technical know-how from " Indola co." Holand company.
Design Capacity of the Factory is (500000) ceiling fan per year.
Technical Specification
Ceiling Fan
Propeller blade diameter
  1415 mm
Motor type   A.C. motor with capacitor
  (200~ 240 ) V
  50 Hz
Power consumption
  80 15 %
  0.425 Amp. Max.
Power factor
  0.90 minimum
  216 r.p.m
Air delivery
  285.7 mˆ3 / min
Air delivery per watt
  3.57 mˆ3 / min ./ watt
Max . air speed   158.5 m / min .
No. of blades   3
Type of regulator   Choke coil type with 5 points for changing the speed
Speed variation percentage   56 %
Type of insulation   Type B
Type of bearing
  Single row ball bearing
Marketing & Sales
Warranty Card
After Sales Services
Since we are highly trust our products and we wanted offer the best sales services and maintenance to our costumers, we certify our products, If any failure or damage may appear in our products caused by manufacturing defect shall be repaired the product free of charge immediately to meet the customers convictions.